Meet the New & Super Stars, Homelessness Demystified: Strategic Directions and Missional Actions on May 4, 2019 at First Pres. Church – Orange


How do we leverage community support for permanent solutions that are founded in evidence-based principles?  In Strategic Directions, Garrett Dunbar will lead a conversation, highlighting innovative nonprofit community development organizations such as Villages at Cabrillo, Skid Row Housing Trust, and the need to form partnerships strategically to provide housing, wrap around services, and build community for our neighbors experiencing homelessness.  Sharing insights from Community Street Outreach events as well as a unique pilot program funded by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, offering holistic field based support through intensive case management.  People minded, environmentally conscious, involved in purposeful social action campaigns, and determined to give back to the local community.  Garrett Dunbar is an attorney, the Founder, President and CEO of The OC Burrito Project, now serving as a full-time Personal Service Coordinator at Mental Health America of Los Angeles’ Homelessness Full Service Partnership, ARCH Program.

In Missional Actions, Marney Wilde will share how a small church, utilizing presbytery, government, and community guidance, has formed an Outreach to Homeless Neighbors team. Members work directly with persons living on a nearby sidewalk in order to help them attain their goal of housing. Additional programs are designed to assist the newly-housed to acquire the skills and resources needed to avoid falling back into homelessness.  Marney Wilde has a heart for serving those that Jesus mentions in Matthew 25: 35-36, and a part of her efforts involve support for those experiencing homelessness. She is a PC(USA) Ruling Elder, a member of St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church, Lomita, and active in the work of Pacific Presbytery, serving on the Commission for Preparation for Ministry.

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