The Casa Teresa Experience

9 of us attended the Casa Teresa Experience mid-morning Wednesday, March 27. Our experience closed with shopping at The Collection, a cute little shop in Orange on Glassell where all sales proceeds benefit CT. The Collection also provides job experience for the residents who need it.

The highlight, naturally, was our chat with a pregnant mom. Her story was vulnerable, raw, a story of how undiagnosed, and untreated childhood trauma set up the cycles of unhealthy food, sex, and drug addictions that led her into homelessness. Becoming pregnant, she said, saved her life. She wants to give the best she can for her baby. Casa Teresa is for pregnant women who are homeless.

We saw a new layette; no gently used items for the newborn, all new gifts for the baby and on are an integral part of CT’s whole dignity approach to addressing homelessness and healing the residents who’ve suffered from it.

We also visited their emergency shelter which is dorm like housing in a house, and the transitional housing, shared double bedrooms, both for pregnant moms in various stages, and family apts for pregnant moms with older kids.

CT is moving fully into trauma informed care and becoming a trauma informed organization. What exactly does this mean? It means creating and maintaining trauma informed living environments in which healing and growth can take place and recognition that the creation of such an environment is the critical ingredient in the therapeutic transformation of the client.

Shop at The Collection. Support Casa Teresa. #HomelessnessDemystified #BuffetOfEducationalExperiences #Connection

To learn more about Irvine for Everyone and attend Homelessness Demystified, Buffet of Educational Experiences, Feb. 2 – May 4, 2019, visit

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