World-renowned Art Displays at Homelessness Demystified: Creating Awareness, Understanding, and Solutions, Feb. 2, 2019, Canvas, Irvine.

David Freeman’s photographs taken Dec. 2018 showing homeless people at the eviction of Maxwell Park in Anaheim will be on display. David, is on vacation, and will not be on hand. Brian Peterson, Faces of Santa Ana and Kim, however will be.

Eviction at Maxwell Park, Anaheim.  By David Freeman.

“We envision a world where every person is visible, connected, and loved. Faces of Santa Ana is dedicated to engaging and befriending our neighbors through creativity … We do this by befriending individuals who are experiencing homelessness, painting, and selling their portraits so that we can contribute to their life necessities. The subject receives 50% of the proceeds in what we call their “Love Account”. We manage the money for them by asking, “How can we help you with the proceeds from your painting?” – Brian Peterson, founder, painter of Faces of Santa Ana.


More information about Homelessness Demystified

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