Call for Housing Advocates, Champions and Volunteers

Volunteers, especially residents in Irvine, are needed for the Irvine For Everyone (i4e) housing advocacy and community education initiative. Launched in April 2018, we are a group of Irvine and OC residents who support the full spectrum of housing in Irvine. A key tool is the open, online I4E Digital Library / Housing Hub at

The current opportunities include:

1. Take ownership and champion the various web pages of I4E DL such as:
1.1. Housing Assistance Resources
1.2. Ready to advocate
1.3. Ready to serve

2. Building relationships with Irvine civic, community, HOA, social clubs, and faith organizations and communities. (Community Development)

3. Organizing ‘Homelessness Demystified’ community education events and dialogues. (Event planning)

4. Painters and photographers; specifically A ‘Faces of Irvine Artist (painting, or other media) using the Faces of Santa Ana model. (Art for Social Justice)

5. Writers in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, for immigrant publications.

6. User experience, content creation, graphic design, and meme creation. (Creatives)

7. Working on a healthy humane Irvine plan. (Attend City Council and Planning Commission meetings; Sustainable planning)

Others? Pitch it!

I4e housing advocates, champions, volunteers will reflect OC diversity in skills, languages and cultural backgrounds. Volunteer opportunities can be tailored to fit skills, interests, and time available. Volunteers must be committed to easing the housing crisis and have a passion for demystifying homelessness in Irvine, and the south OC.

Contact: | 949.682.9603

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