223rd General Assembly PC(USA): Anti-racism

Antiracism At GA223 (2018) Cover Page
Cover Page of the ‘Antiracism At GA223 (2018)’ compilation

In preparation for the Disrupting Racism workshops I am leading at the Presbyterian Women 2018 Gathering, Louisville, Kentucky, August 4, 2018 (1:00 – 5 pm), I’ve compiled the Anti-racism related overtures from the 223rd General Assembly of the PC(USA) which took place in June 2018 at St. Louis, Missouri.   It is 154 pages and the full document is available here: Anti-racism overtures at GA 223 (June 2018)

The help of Marney Wilde is gratefully acknowledged.

I’ve brought these overtures together mainly to increase awareness of the everyday ways we have available for building transformative anti-racist communities of practice that are grounded in authentic Christian faith.  Additionally, in the Table of Contents I’ve  highlighted specific sections of each overture for the anti-racist to become well-versed.

The 14 overtures are:

1) On Recognizing the Reverend Henry Highland Garnet’s Prophetic Voice for Today;

2) Advocacy Committee for Racial Ethnic Concerns Name Changes to Racial Equity Advocacy Committee;

3) A Resolution to Respond to Disparities Experienced by Black Women and Girls;

4) A Gospel from St Louis: Lessons from Congregations Seeking Racial and Economic Justice;

5) Declare an Imperative for the Reformation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in being a Transformative Church in This Intercultural Era; with Eight Steps to End Racism (See Recommendation 10) and a Glossary of Terms;

6) Racism, Truth, and Reconciliation Special Committee;

7) On Developing a Letter to Accompany the Confession of Belhar;

8) On Adopting the “Letter from Birmingham City Jail,” written by the Rev. Dr. MLK Jr., as a Contemporary Statement of Faith;

9) On Renewing Our Call to Promote Environmental Justice;

10) On Responding to Environmental Racism;

11) The Earth Is the Lord’s—Not Ours to Ruin: Priorities for a New Moral Era;

12) On the Challenge of Being Black in the PC (USA);

13) Responding to Racist Nationalism; and

14) Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy Self-Study.

My source for this compilation is the GA website, https://www.pc-biz.org. Last visited: Aug. 7, 2018.

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