The I4E Digital Library to Support Local Advocacy and Community Outreach for Ending Homelessness in the OC


The Irvine4Everyone Digital Library <> is one of the creative outcomes from an I4E meeting with Mayor Wagner and City staff, on April 15, 2018.   I4E is  a growing group of residents who have come together in the wake of horrific protests against siting a temporary emergency shelter on county-owned land across from the Orange County Great Park in Irvine. I4E supports the creation of the full spectrum of housing in Irvine, including emergency housing that is part of an integrated housing campus and county plan for ending homelessness. The Mayor welcomed the I4E signons and responses. Efforts to help leaders and residents learn about homelessness are welcome and valuable, he encouraged. Community outreach and education that de-stigmatizes homeless people, increases awareness about homelessness, and supports local leadership is critical for successful homelessness plans (OC Grand Jury, 2018; ILG, 2018). Public libraries, churches, and social networks are “third places,” easily accessible, trusted community builders, who strengthen communities as key hubs.

Thus, we have created I4E Digital Library as a housing hub, a third place; it exists to de-stigmatize and de-mystify homeless people, empower learning about Irvine housing development, and create permanent solutions for ending homelessness and increasing housing supply in the OC. The I4E Digital Library brings together high quality, peer-reviewed research, evidence based information resources, carefully curated community stories about housing and homelessness, and tools for advocacy and bold conversations.

One such collection is Keep Irvine Safe and Strong collection. KISS is a growing set of peer reviewed research resources and reports about homelessness related to crime, publicity safety, and security. When completed it will have the classic resources, data, and best practices to help residents find research data to questions such as: Does homeless housing increase or decrease crime? Does it increase or decrease property values? What is the public safety approach to homelessness? E.g. After the shouting, do shelters and supportive housing harm neighborhoods?

The Housing Irvine collection, HI, brings together resources that help residents easily stay updated about the development of the full spectrum of housing in Irvine. E.g. Changing Household Characteristics of Irvine (2010-2016).


Featured Item: Answers to Questions: About the Current Homelessness Crisis in the OC – Answers to 8 questions sent by those planning to attend the UCI Sociology Professors Forum on Homelessness hosted by the OC Chinese Americans Parents Book Club and Future Chinese Leaders of America on May 31st in Corporate Park, Irvine.

Librarians and web developers, especially if you are located in Orange County, CA, are invited to join the I4E DL <>. Send your requests, comments, questions and recommendations for shaping and using the I4E DL housing hub to:

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