The Vicious Circle of Homelessness

OCCBPA/FCLA Forum on Homelessness
Homelessness: A Vicious Circle

Yesterday (05/30/2018) we were privileged to see our community engage in an informative and thought-provoking event: Homelessness Forum with UCI Sociology Professors. Thanks to Jing Sun who organized the forum (see his invite at end) and he reminded the audience “we read to change our life.” Dr. Su (social movements researcher at UCI) moderated; Dr. Snow (author of the classic text on street homelessness “Down on your luck” and the “2017 Costs of OC Homelessness” lead researcher opened with these words: “Ongoing debate has concerned us deeply as UCI faculty.”Dr. Jacob Avery researcher of street homelessness and poverty has lived with homeless people; Dr. Snow also did so when he did his research on homelessness.

We all know the humanitarian and moral costs of homelessness. We learned the financial costs of housing first model (much more economical) and the cost of doing nothing (expensive! not an option).

Vicious Circle of Homelessnes
Laws that put homeless people in jails

Stunningly, we heard and saw ‘laws’ and ordinances in cities for “status offenses.” Homeless people are being increasingly criminalized for doing things that’s not their fault: sleeping in public places, hanging out; fined, jailed for not paying fines, circle continues. Dr. Avery called it The Vicious Circle of Homelessness. People who are poor become homeless because there’s a housing shortage for very low incomes. Just imagine it: You have no home. Yet, you must sleep, eat, keep clean, etc. How do you get a job without an address or clean clothes or a car in image conscious So Cal? You get fined, you can’t pay the fine, so you get sent to jail and then you come out, back on the street again, except now its worse, you have an arrest/jail record.So you’re even more worse off! You can see the entire photo album of the presentations here in the I4E Facebook album <>

This forum was hosted by the Orange County Chinese American Parents Book Club (OCCPBC) and the Future Chinese Leaders of America (FCLA). I’m very happy and proud to count some of them among Irvine4Everyone. We’re all working towards a solution, not just as individuals but also as one community.  This is the Irvine I know and love, working together smartly to solve one of the most “vicious” problems of our times.

#Irvine4Everyone #IrvineForEveryone #EndHomelessnessOC

Invite from Jing Sun: More than a month ago, a lot of discussions and debates erupted among Southern Orange County residents in the wake of a group of homeless people. In an effort to help community know more about the history, the current situation and potential solutions of homelessness issue, The Orange County Chinese Parents Book Club (OCCPBC) and Future Chinese Leaders of America (FCLA) have invited professor Dr. David Snow, Dr. Jacob Avery and Dr. Yang Su, three experts in researching homelessness, social inequality and poverty from Department of Sociology of UCI, to present their research results on the true cause of homelessness and the better initiative to combat it. Please come and join other socially-conscious community members to understand this issue in our lives so we all can make a difference in fighting to end homelessness in Orange County.

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