Solution to homelessness lies within all of us, not as individuals but as a community

Concerned citizens in Irvine learning about homelessness in the OC

Sister Mary Scullion, CEO of Project HOME (Housing, Opportunities for Employment, Medical Care, and Education) and The Nun Eradicating Homelessness in Philadelphia, in response to the question of how to help, says, “I would encourage everyone to try to directly encounter people who are poor and suffering. Look them in the eye and treat them with respect and dignity. And then be open to being moved and changed by their plight. The more people can get involved directly, the better. Volunteer. Advocate for just public policy. Challenge your church to do more. helping to about more.” And she goes on to say more, “We are the hands and feet of God here on Earth, so it’s up to us be faithful to the words ‘thy Kingdom come.’

And it’s not as individuals but as a community that we have our greatest chance of making that happen.”

Thanks to one of my I4E friends for sending along this powerfully inspiring story! Thank you for becoming part of such a community in Irvine and the OC.

Join us?

#Irvine4Everyone #IrvineForEveryone #EndHomelessnessOC



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