Irvine For Everyone – Sign On is Here!

An advocate for people experiencing homelessness asks for cities and county to stop the endless fighting about homelessness in the OC. Outside the BoS meeting (Hall of Administration, Santa Ana, March 27th, 2018).

Do you have a heart for the homeless people in the OC? Do you live in Irvine? Do you want to end the decades of bickering and politicking while the number of people experiencing homelessness grows larger and larger? Are you embarrassed, ashamed of the sentiments being expressed by some Irvine residents?

Yes, the problem of homelessness is regional and large and complex. Doing nothing is not a solution. Neither is the endless planning. Margie Wakeham of Families Forward made this clear at the Irvine City Special Meeting on March 20th.

Sometimes when it [homelessness] is hidden we plan and plan and plan but never quite get to the point of addressing it.

The time has come for us to help our great Mayor Don Wagner and the Irvine City Council members do the right thing. If you want to empower Mayor Wagner and our City Council to convicted, compassionate, and courageous leadership then, sign on to Irvine for Everyone.

Irvine for Everyone is a group of Irvine residents who support the full spectrum of housing in Irvine. We believe the time has come for Irvine to grow up and take responsibility for our fair share of the OC homelessness problem. Irvine has shirked the problem long enough; in the late 1980s, the city turned down a HUD grant to build an emergency shelter. The city’s own research had shown them that ~ 400 people were turning up as homeless from Irvine in the county’s shelters! On April 3rd 2018, a Federal Judge made it clear to Irvine City Mayor Don Wagner that he needs a South County site and leadership. In response, Mayor Wagner said, “You have my pledge. I will do everything I can.” The County owned land in Irvine across from the OC Great Park is zoned for emergency shelter. We don’t want to tell the Mayor, Irvine City Council or the many not for profits working in the area of homelessness how to do their job. We want to help the Mayor keep his word to the Judge. We want to EMPOWER him to do the right thing. On April 19th Mayor Wagner will meet with the South Orange County Mayors Association at their regular meeting; the only item on their agenda is the site for the emergency shelter. We prefer to call this kind of housing the So County Assessment Center with wrap around services for the un-sheltered. What we’re asking from Mayor Don Wagner is convicted and courageous leadership to do the right thing. In return, we Irvine residents and voters are also reassuring the Mayor: We have your back! Build a world class shelter at the county owned land across from OCGP site with all the wrap around services and other kinds of housing necessary too. Integrated housing as Irvine always has been. We got you! Thank you.

Thanks for signing up to Irvine for Everyone and thanks for sharing it with your Irvine friends and neighbors.

#IrvineForEveryone #EndHomelessnessOC #StepUpIrvine

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